Customer Testimonials

Our Best Advertisement Is The Trust Of Our Valued Customers

  1. Mike installed our new furnace and air conditioner systems for our house. Mike and his team did a great job and managed to get the systems installed in one day and I am a very satisfied customer. I would happily use Green Air Home for any future heat or cooling systems.
    David H
  2. Mike is a very reliable, dependable and committed service provider. He is an expert in what he does, and his professional skills are commendable. We were fortunate to receive his services and he surpassed our expectations in professional as well as personal levels. It was a great pleasure to know and to work with him and we would like to recommend his services to anyone who looks for a genuine, skillful and highly professional worker and an outstanding service
    Rahel Tarani
  3. This guy Mike is a pro. Within a week i had a quote and my units installed. I had a fair price for a furnace and air conditioner. Plus he cares call before he gets too busy.
    Leo Balaricia
  4. My furnace stopped working and called a lot of places for a quote. I found Green Air Heating and Cooling had the best price out of all by far. Mike came and changed the mother board in my furnace. He was the only one out of everyone who did not want to over charge me for the price of the board. The most honest and best price service I could find. Anyone looking for furnace issues Mike is your guy, honest and competent.
    Noemi Vanyi
  5. My decision for a replacement furnace was to minimize my cost and selected Mike Kahidi of Green Air Heating & Cooling Ltd. Mike and his assistant are dedicated, very hard workers, who laboured almost non-stop from 10am to 11pm. For me they installed a furnace, hot water heater, humidifier, and made some heat duct modifications. They did a fine job, approved by the City of Calgary inspector. I recommend him for a reasonably priced quality installation. How much can you save? Among four quotes I got, Mike’s was lowest, and I did negotiate. The most expensive quote was about 20% higher than the least. I should mention that a modern furnace makes the home feel noticeably improved from a +20-year old. It’s smaller and quieter in the basement, and makes the living spaces more comfortable and evenly warm. Furthermore, when replacing your furnace, this is the time to reconsider your home’s HVAC situation. Make decisions about your thermostat, water heater, air-conditioning, air-duct alterations, venting and chimney. You can save money replacing or repairing these items when tradesmen are at your home.